Interview question set for a advanced PHP Programmer 

Recently, I got a chance to face some questions which make sense for a PHP Programmer, who can rethink all about web development what he has been learned yet. I thought i can share those among yourselves just for sharing that what could be the questions for a advanced PHP Programmer.

Questions are as follows. I will try to give answers here and discussion about these time to time. Looking forward to hear from you guys about any question listed below.

  • Question: You are committing a file with bug fixes to the SVN, there is an issue with a conflict in the file what does this mean? How do you solve it?
  • Question: How would you find out what files were out of date within SVN and commit those specific files into a revision with a log message via the command line?
  • Question: How do you use memcached to optimize mysql queries?
  • Question: How do you iterate an array in smarty?
  • Question: PHP errors are not displaying on the page you are developing. You only have SFTP Access to change files. How do you display the errors?
  • Question: What is better and more efficient in development time for a large scale enterprise PHP / MySQL application. Using packages and open source classes or developing your own solutions?
  • Question: What are the risks of using user inputted data in SQL queries and how to eliminate this risk ?
  • Question: You have been given a specification and been briefed on a project. The specification included work that was already completed for the project but there are many bugs and you did not write this code. What do you do?
  • Question: There is a bug in your code, what do you do?
  • Question: Recently users are complaining they are being logged out of the site. The site uses sessions and php. Also recently a new webserver was added, bringing the total to 2. What could be causing this and how would it be solved?
  • Question: You need to create a search function for a website with over 30.000 searches per hour on a record set of 1.000.000 text records. How would you do this using MySQL?
  • Question: You need to integrate an external website’s data that does not have a API – describe this process.
  • Question: You’ve written a news service in PHP that needs to used by many external websites. How would you allow those websites to use your functions to display the news on their site ?
  • Question: You want to create an AJAX suggestion box that displays in real time suggestions related to the content of the search textfield. Describe how this process would work.

I think, some questions are really good and every PHP Programmer should know about those terms.